Kernewek yw onan a’n hwegh yeth vew Keltek.  Hy har an nessa yw Bretonek hag ena Kembrek gans kevrennow gans Iwerdhonek, Albanek ha Manowek.  Yth yw hi unnik drefen nag yw devnydhys avel yeth kemeneth dres an nownsegves kansbledhen mes lemmyn yn lowen yth yw salow hag ow tevi.

Yma Kernow yw gwlas vyghan ha Ducheth Riel y’n soth-west Breten Veur.   Yma dhedhi tri hans mildir a arvor hag or gans Pow Sows dre Avon Tamar.  An poblans yw 600 mil lesys dres an wlas.

Gwedhen Owr a dhysk Kernewek dhe’n skolyow yn Kernow, delivra asnodhow adhyskansek hag avonsya chonsyow dyski rag Onan hag Oll (an lavar kenedhlek).

Cornish is one of the six living Celtic languages.  It is closest relative is Breton and then Welsh with links to Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx.  It is unique in that it was not used as a community language during the nineteenth century but now happily safe and growing.

Cornwall is a small country and Royal Duchy situated in the south west of Great Britain.  It has over three hundred miles of coast and is bordered by England by the River Tamar.  The population is 600 thousand spread across the country.

Golden Tree teaches Cornish to schools in Cornwall, delivers educational resources and promotes learning opportunities for One and All (the national motto).